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{ aesthetic pokemon }⁣ ⚡ Electric Edition ⚡

I've gotten many, MANY requests to other pokemon types. I can't promise them all but I'll try my best to get a few more done! I couldn't find a hidden non-electric type but looks electric this time haha. ⁣

The second image can be used as a wallpaper!
Please don't edit out my watermarks.

Pokemon in Poster (Left to right):
Row 1: Dedenne, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Voltorb
Row 1.5: Magnemite, Helioptile, Joltik, Happy Morpeko
Row 2: Yamper, Shinx, Pichu, Jolteon, Electrike, Hangry Morpeko
Row 2.5: Pikachu, Emolga, Rotom
Row 3: Togedemaru, Elekid, Mareep, Raichu